Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s visibility in organic/unpaid search engine results. While SEO can be free up to a point, most businesses invest in paid SEO services to accelerate results.Is SEO free or paid?Why SEO Matters

SEO is important because appearing higher in search results leads to:

  • More website visitors
  • Increased brand awareness/visibility
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better ROI from marketing spend

According to studies, the top 5 organic results get over 67% of clicks. So ranking high is key for traffic and conversions.

Free SEO Tactics

There are several free SEO best practices websites can implement themselves:

  • On-page optimization – Optimizing title tags, headers, content, etc.
  • Site speed optimizations – Improving site speed with caching, image compression, etc.
  • Internal linking – Linking related content together.
  • Social sharing – Encouraging social shares can improve rankings.
  • Site map and robots.txt – Creating a site map and robots.txt file.
  • Keyword research – Researching relevant keyword opportunities.
  • Metadata – Adding metadata descriptions, titles, etc.
  • Mobile optimization – Creating a mobile-friendly responsive site.

However, SEO is an ongoing process. While initial efforts may improve rankings, further gains require expertise and time investments.

Paid SEO Services

Most businesses work with SEO agencies or consultants to achieve measurable results faster through paid options like:

  • Link building – Building high-quality backlinks from other sites.
  • Content creation – Producing optimized blog posts and web pages.
  • Technical SEO – Resolving site errors, optimizing site architecture, etc.
  • Local SEO – Improving local search presence with schema markup, listings management, localized content, etc.
  • Advanced reporting – Using rank tracking, conversion tracking, etc. to gauge ROI.
  • Algorithm monitoring – Monitoring Google updates to adjust approach accordingly.

Reputable agencies offer customized solutions suited for business goals whether lead generation, brand building, eCommerce or local search visibility.

Cost of paid SEO services

SEO costs vary based on:

  • Location – Varies by country and region.
  • Agency Size – Big, mid or boutique level firms have different pricing.
  • Service offering – On-page only, technical, content marketing or holistic strategies impact costs.
  • Business Type – eCommerce sites need product listing optimizations so more effort. Information sites need less updates.
  • Monthly Retainer Model – Typical contracts span 6-12 months with monthly retainers from $750 and up based on needs and agreed upon deliverables. Small businesses may even find packages from $500/month whereas enterprise-level, multi-location brands get custom quotes.

Be wary of low quality SEO offerings below industry pricing as those use shortcuts which may put sites at risk for manual penalties. Quality SEO takes continual effort.

DIY or Agency – What’s better?

DIY SEO works initially but can be inadequate as websites grow or when hit by Google updates. While agencies cost more, benefits typically outweigh expenses in the long run through:

  • Site audit / Gap analysis for fixing critical issues
  • Resources with advanced skills
  • Alignment across SEO and content teams
  • Adaptability to updates
  • Ongoing optimization as opposed to just initial setup

For most brands, partnering with experts prevents technical issues plus accelerates growth in competitive markets. After reaching goals, retainers can even reduce to just monthly optimization needs rather than active campaigns.

Having an SEO specialist or agency handle the ongoing heavy lifting allows internal teams to focus on core business growth priorities. They can step in with as much or as little support as needed.

Key Takeaway

  • SEO offers free tactics for initial improvements but long term success typically requires paid assistance from consultants or agencies to achieve measurable ROI while adapting to Google’s evolving algorithm.
  • Costs vary based on services, business type and location but retainers normally span from $750+/month.
  • Blending internal team knowledge with external expertise creates an optimal balance for managing SEO alongside business priorities.


SEO requires a combination of initial effort plus ongoing optimizations as Google’s algorithm evolves. Skilled agencies help companies accelerate website visibility through customized strategies fine-tuned to business goals.

Paid services offer the level of analysis, insights and content development needed to rank highly in competitive markets. While DIY SEO may work at first, having an expert strategy that adapts to algorithm updates is key for sustaining long term success.

The right agency partnership allows brands to offload technical details so internal teams can better focus on core business priorities. For most companies, SEO presents high ROI when done properly. While not cheap, those value gains usually outweigh the costs when strategized correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some basic free SEO best practices?
    Some free SEO best practices include on-page optimization, site speed improvements, internal linking, meta data additions, and basic keyword research. 
  2. What are some paid SEO services offered by agencies?
    Common paid SEO services offered by agencies include link building, content creation, technical site enhancements, reporting/tracking set up, local SEO optimizations and monitoring Google algorithm updates. 
  3. How much does SEO cost for small businesses?
    SEO costs vary globally but small businesses in the U.S. often pay $750-$1500/month for retainers. Packages under $1000 usually offer on-page optimizations only. More robust strategies with content and links cost more. 
  4. What does on-page optimization in SEO mean?
    On-page optimization refers to optimizing individual web pages with title tags, header tags (H1, H2), meta descriptions, image alt text, content, etc specifically around target keywords. 
  5. Can I do SEO completely by myself?
    You can implement initial SEO efforts on your own but eventually most companies partner with consultants or agencies to accelerate results. Algorithm changes also make it hard to optimize sites without consistent direction. 
  6. Why is site speed important for SEO?
    Site speed is important because Google factors page load times into rankings. Faster sites improve user experience which signals relevancy to Google. There are many free ways to optimize speed for SEO value. 
  7. Should I get a monthly retainer or project based SEO pricing?
    Most reputable SEO agencies use monthly retainer pricing because SEO requires continual effort. Fixed price projects ending after 6-12 months often lose momentum and results taper off without ongoing optimization. 
  8. How soon will I see results from SEO efforts?
    Some site moves faster than others. Typically it takes 3-6 months to begin seeing incremental progress. However, link building and content creation done right shows measurable gains in 6-12 months on average. 
  9. What is a site migration and why does it impact SEO?
    Site migrations happen when changing domain names, content management platforms or site architecture. Such shifts can negatively impact rankings if not handled properly by redirecting links and preserving SEO data smartly. 
  10. Can I do local SEO without paying for ads?
    Yes local SEO best practices like schema markup, localized content and social pages boost local visibility without paying for ads. Listings management also helps. Ads complement but organic efforts build lasting visibility. 
  11. What are some benefits of an SEO agency compared to in-house work?
    SEO agencies dedicate fuller resources, talent and time cost effectively vs limited bandwidth internally. They also prevent technical issues and keep strategies updated as Google algorithms evolve. 
  12. What is the average price range for enterprise SEO services?
    Enterprise SEO services vary more but usually start around $2500-$5000/month for mid-size firms with the top global agencies charging up to $25,000 monthly based on extensive needs and marketing budgets. 
  13. Will SEO results last if I stop optimization efforts?
    Unlikely, since Google constantly evolves its algorithm. What works today becomes outdated or less competitive rather quickly. SEO never really stops, you simply optimize less once results meet targets. 
  14. Is local SEO essentially the same service for every location?
    Actually no. Local SEO should customize based on the nature of business locations and nuances of the associated geographical target markets. Optimization goals can then align correctly. 
  15. What are some of the most common metrics SEO agencies report on monthly?
    Common SEO reporting metrics include rankings progress, website traffic growth patterns, lead and conversion tracking, content engagement analytics, ROI projections and more. 
  16. How can I learn SEO myself for free online?
    Many free learning resources exist like Google’s SEO starter guide, Neil Patel blog, Backlinks blog, Moz Beginner’s Guide and more. YouTube tutorials are plentiful as well.

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